General requirements for notaries
Notary who intend to cooperate with Bank must qualify for following requirements:
 — Practical work experience of notary must be no less than 2 years;
 — Sound business standing;
 — Absence of information about decisions of the courts for recognition of certified by notary agreements as void through the fault of the notary;
 — Availability of practice and experience in drafting of contracts in the field of credit operations.
The documents for accreditation of notary

Private notary who intends to cooperate with our Bank and meet for general requirements, submit in any form the Letter of Intent (LOI) to Key Account Management Department about future cooperation.
           The letter enclosed the following documents, stamped and signed by notary and formed in one folder:
 — Copy of Certificate about the right to engage notary.
 — Copy of the registration number of the taxpayer registration card.
 — A copy of the registration certificate of registration of private notarial activities.
 — Copy of passport.
 — Information about estimated prices of notary services that will cooperate with Bank.
 — Copy of the insurance of civil liability.
 — Information about availability and number of employees.

- Information about cooperation, recommendation or other documents which providing the work experience with other banks.

For more information, please contact the Bank by calling (044) 393-74-00.
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