Licensed appraisers

General requirements for Licensed Appraisers:
Licensed Appraisers which had intention to cooperate with Bank for the purpose of property appraisal, must comply to following general requirements:
 — Practical activities on independent appraisal market at least 2 years.
 — The presence of Licensed Appraiser Certificate of appraiser activity
 — The presence of Qualification Certificate of Licensed Appraisers according to which the Licensed Appraiser is entitled to appraise the following areas:

- appraise of immovable (immovable estate, real estate), including expert monetary appraising of land;
· appraise of machinery and equipment;
· appraise of road vehicles;
· appraise of aircraft;
· appraise of hipping vehicles;
· appraise of movable estate except machines, equipment, road vehicles, flying machines, shipping facilities and cultural value;
· appraise of integral property complexes, shares, securities, rights property and intangible assets (excluding evaluation of intellectual property)
· Valuation of intellectual property rights.

- Presence of License for performing of land-appraising works must have the Licensed Appraisers-legal entities (if necessary accreditation for this type of appraise); Licensed Appraisers-physical entities must have the qualification certificate of appraiser of expert money appraise of land and licenses for providing of land-appraising activities.
 — Lack of court decisions regarding Licensed Appraisers and / or staff appraisers which providing incompetence or low professional level of Licensed Appraisers and its employees.
 — Presence of duly certified statutory documents and documents confirming the powers of governing persons and legal entities and documents that identify Licensed Appraisers-physical entities.
 — Lack of bankruptcy proceedings of Licensed Appraisers at the time of the issue of accreditation.
 List of documents for accreditation of Licensed Appraisers:

Licensed Appraisers which intending to cooperate with Bank is submit to the Customer Department the letter of intent (LOI) about offer of cooperation with attached following documents:
 — A copy of the Licensed Appraisers certificate;
 — Copies of qualification certificates and certificates of appraisers who work in the subject of Licensed Appraisers.
 — Examples of independent assessment reports (on paper) for those areas of apprise by which the Licensed Appraisers is intends to be accredited by Bank with obligatory indication of work experience in each area of ​​appraise:
· Appraise of immovable (immovable property, real estate), including expert monetary appraise of land,
· Appraise of machinery and equipment,
· Appraise of road vehicles
· Appraise of aircraft,
· Appraise of shipping agents,
· Appraise of movable except belonging to machines, equipment, road vehicles, flying machines, shipping facilities and cultural value,
· Appraise of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets (excluding evaluation of intellectual property)
· Appraise of intellectual property.

-The estimated cost and terms of services for providing of property independent appraisal, property rights, Licensed Appraisers.
 — Copies of statutory documents.
 — Information about branch network.
 — Information about bank-partners.
 These copies must be certified by authorized signature of Licensed Appraisers and seal (if the seal in presence).

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