National Rating Agency «Rurik» confirmed the reliability rating of the deposit accounts of PJSC CB «CENTER» at the level of R4


At the meeting of the Rating Committee of March 24, 2017, the National Rating Agency «Rurik» confirmed the reliability rating of the deposit accounts of PJSC CB «CENTER» at the level of R4.

The level of reliability r4 means high reliability of deposits, the bank's activity is characterized by a moderate dependence on financial and economic conditions, as well as market conditions. The probability of  the return of deposits is high.

The valuation is not an absolute degree of risk, but only the opinion of the rating agency about the reliability of the rating object relative to other objects. To determine the assessment, certain qualitative and quantitative indicators of the Bank were compared with the average indicators for the banking system of Ukraine and with the corresponding indicators of analogical banks from the database of the NRA «Rurik».

The level of reliability of deposits is determined on the basis of a specially developed author's methodology, taking into account the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation and international standards. In any case, a certain level is not a recommendation for any form of investing of own funds. NRA «Rurik» does not act as guarantor and is not responsible for the fulfillment by the Bank of its obligations.

To determine the level of reliability of deposits, NRA «Rurik» used the information provided by PJSC CB «CENTER» for internal information and financial statements for 2013 — IV quarter. 2016 inclusive, as well as public information and own databases.

In determining the reliability assessment of deposits, the most significant factors influencing the level of reliability were summarized. The most significant positive factors include sufficient values ​​of the Bank's capitalization and liquidity indicators. The most significant negative factors are the high level of concentration of active operations.

Thus, having carried out an analysis of the reliability of PJSC CB «CENTER» despite all the significant factors influencing the assessment, guided by the principles of objectivity, independence and impartiality, the authorized national rating agency «Rurik» confirmed the reliability of deposit accounts of PJSC CB «CENTER» at the level R4.

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