Licenses and Certificates

PJSC CB «Center» in accordance with the obtained licenses and permits shall be entitled to the following banking operations:

Banking, which has the right to bank on the NBU license №257 of June 14, 2010:

  1. Acceptance of deposits (deposits) from businesses and individuals;
  2. Opening and maintaining current accounts of clients and correspondent banks, including transfer of funds from these accounts by payment instruments and crediting funds thereto;
  3. allocation of funds on its behalf, on its own terms and at their own risk.


If a banking license the bank has the right, without the written permission of the NBU to such transactions and agreements:

  1. guarantees, warranties and other obligations of third parties that provide for their execution in monetary form;
  2. acquisition or disposal of the claim to meet the obligations in cash for goods or services rendered, taking the risk of such claims and receive payments (factoring);
  3. leasing;
  4. custody services and lease (tenancy) safe for storing valuables and documents;
  5. issue, purchase, sale and servicing of checks, bills of exchange and other payment instruments;
  6. Issue of bank payment cards and transactions using these cards;
  7. consultancy and information services for banking transactions.


The list of transactions that the bank has the right to the written permission of the NBU №257-1 from August 06, 2010:

  1. currency transactions:
  2. non-trade transactions with currency values;
  3. operations with cash foreign currency and checks (purchase, sale, exchange, collection) performed at the box office and foreign exchange banks;
  4. operations with foreign currency in cash (purchase, sale, exchange), carried out in foreign exchange, operating on the basis of concluded contracts with the agency banks resident legal entities;
  5. accounts of clients (residents) in foreign currency and non-residents in the currency of Ukraine;
  6. maintaining correspondent accounts of banks (residents) in foreign currency;
  7. maintaining correspondent accounts of banks (nonresidents) in the monetary unit of Ukraine;
  8. Opening correspondent accounts in authorized banks of Ukraine in foreign currency and operations with them;
  9. opening correspondent accounts with banks (non-residents) in foreign currency and operations with them;
  10. attraction and placement of foreign currency on the foreign exchange market of Ukraine;
  11. foreign currency trading on the currency market of Ukraine (excluding foreign exchange transactions);
  12. other currency transactions in the foreign exchange market of Ukraine;
  13. Issue of equity securities;
  14. Purchase and sale of securities on behalf of clients;
  15. transactions in securities market on its behalf (including underwriting);
  16. transactions on behalf of clients or on their behalf:
  17. from money market instruments;
  18. with instruments based on exchange rates and interest rates;
  19. financial futures and options.

For the professional activity in the stock market — securities trading PJSC CB «Center» received a license from the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market

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